Antoni Lacinai’s Journey Through Remote Work Realities

Antoni Lacinai

Raveling the world from my home office is awesome…

…but so is meeting people in 3D.

I am so old that I still marvel at how I can work from my office in Sweden, and train people from around the globe.

This week I am sharing presentation skills insights with people from Asia, Europe, and the USA (we’ll have two sessions for time zone optimization)

After that, I will travel physically to Manchester, UK, and Riga in Latvia.

I get the best of both worlds.

Digital: Create digital engagement, deliver with passion, and “be home” in a second from when the camera is turned off. No chasing flights and dreading delays.

Analog: Feel the contagious energy and laughter in the room, shaking hands, and just enjoy the temporary tribe-vibe of us around the “campfire”

Pinch my arm! I feel like an ancient evangelist haha

Team Antoni Explains

Antoni Lacinai expresses his enthusiasm for the advantages of working remotely from his home office, highlighting the positive aspects of both digital and analog experiences.

Remote Work Appreciation:

He starts by expressing the awesomeness of being able to unravel the world from his home office, emphasizing the convenience and flexibility that comes with working remotely.

Value of 3D Interactions:

Despite the benefits of remote work, Lacinai appreciates the value of meeting people in 3D, indicating face-to-face interactions. He considers himself “old” in the context of being amazed by the ability to work from Sweden and connect with individuals globally.

Global Reach:

Lacinai shares that he is currently engaged in training people from Asia, Europe, and the USA, underlining the global reach and impact of his work. He also mentions scheduling two sessions for time zone optimization, showcasing his commitment to inclusivity.

Hybrid Approach:

The author then talks about the upcoming physical travels to Manchester, UK, and Riga, Latvia, expressing his excitement about experiencing the best of both worlds. This “hybrid” approach involves enjoying the benefits of digital work and in-person engagements.

Digital Advantages:

Lacinai appreciates the digital realm for its efficiency and convenience. He mentions the ability to create digital engagement, deliver presentations with passion, and quickly transition back to the comfort of home without the hassles of travel.

Analog Joys:

On the other hand, he values the analog experiences of feeling the energy and laughter in a physical room, shaking hands, and enjoying the communal vibe of being around the “campfire” with others. This reflects the human and social aspects that physical interactions bring.

Humorous Perspective:

Lacinai concludes with a touch of humor, describing himself as feeling like an “ancient evangelist.” This phrase suggests that he sees himself as someone passionately spreading the word about the positive aspects of combining digital and analog work experiences.

Overall,his message conveys a deep appreciation for the flexibility of remote work and the richness of face-to-face interactions, embracing both aspects to create a fulfilling professional experience.

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