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Employee engagement

20 keys to outstanding workplace communication

Nominated in Sweden 2020 as the Marketing book of the year. The HR-book of the year and the Project Management book of the year

Can you really say exactly what you mean? Can you fully understand other people? Is there a link between how you treat your co-workers and how they will perform? Can you engage a client by telling stories, or do you kill the deal with too many boring slides? 

In this thought-provoking book, Antoni Lacinai has gathered 20 keys – insights, tips and tools – on how best to communicate in our workplace when we are leading people, selling to customers or collaborating with our peers. The thesis is simple: Great communication leads to higher engagement, which leads to better results. 

Available at multiple internet bookstores including Amazon, see link below.

The Circle Of Excellence:

Discover How Conscious Leaders Are Playing A Bigger Game

The Amazon #1 bestseller.

Prepare to be enlightened, inspired, and empowered as you navigate the pages of “Circle of Excellence”, inspiring entrepreneurial journeys for global impact. Discover the keys to unlocking your own potential, as you witness the remarkable accomplishments achieved within this vibrant community of 14 visionary entrepreneurs.

Embark on a journey like no other and let the Circle of Excellence guide you towards a future defined by limitless possibilities and extraordinary achievements. Your time to play a bigger game and make a profound difference on a global scale starts now.

Understanding body language

Everything about you communicates.

What you say, how you sound, how you look and how you listen. You cannot NOT communicate, even if you don’t say a word. When you’re not speaking or when they’re not speaking, it’s the body language that counts.

This mini-book is an invaluable guide, helping you identify and interpret 51 different gestures and the information and emotions they transmit. It will help you read other people’s emotions and understand how your own gestures can affect others.

It’s filled with photos and illustrations.

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Virtual Meetings

Set them up. Lead them well. Reach your goals.

Analog communication is almost always a better choice – in itself. But sometimes it takes too much time to travel, it is too costly and your impact on the environment is too high. Then, virtual meetings make sense. This is a book for managers and other meeting leaders who want concrete tips on how to lead people better when they are at remote locations.

Available at multiple internet bookstores including Amazon, see link below.