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Antoni is a communication skills trainer and keynote speaker with a focus on Workplace communication. He brings energy, clarity and lots of interactions and engagements.

Antoni has been coaching both executives and team members since 2005, online and on-site.

Below you will find a selected number of trainings from Antoni.

Lead people, meetings and workshops.
Give great presentations and world class customer service
Elevate your communication skills.

Virtual & Hybrid Leadership

Be the leader your flexible team needs

Leading people scattered across buildings, cities or countries is highly demanding. The remote team members may feel isolated, out of touch and get disengaged. The on-site team might feel that they are down-prioritized too. This can lead to lower productivity and worse results.
A good leader knows how to connect and engage with each team member, across time zones and cultures. They know how to utilize the digital tools needed and increase performance overall.
After this training you will:

  • Understand the pros and cons of virtual communication
  • Know the challenges of virtual and hybrid leadership
  • Support, engage and involve remote teams
  • Set goals and boost motivation
  • Run effective digital meetings for all
  • Create a culture of self-leadership


  • Online in 3-4 group sessions, and individual coaching between sessions

Powerful Presentations

Give great presentations - Every time

Leadership is influence and influence require strong communication skills. If you cannot present, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. People will not listen to you and you lose influence.

If you want to enable inspiration, enthusiasm, energy and clarity when presenting, then this is the course for you.

You will learn how to:

  • Set your goal and purpose
  • Define your main audience
  • Prepare your content and structure
  • Use 25 different memory hooks
  • Deliver with energy, empathy and clarity
  • Use visuals and props to your advantage
  • Use storytelling in your presentations
  • Strengthen your message with a compelling body language
  • Create interest with a dynamic voice
    Deliver great presentations both in the digital and analog world.


  • Group sessions and/or individual coaching
  • Online and/or on-site

A perfect mix for a group is to have 2-3 online groups sessions, 3-4 individual sessions and one 1-2 days of pure on-site training and feedback

World Class Customer Meetings

Give VIP - Treatments to your customers

Treating your clients well is by every standard a success factor that will determine your performance, profit and competitiveness. Do it well and you will be having a long and strong relationship with your loyal customers who will be your best ambassadors.

In this training you will get concrete tips on how to:

  • Prepare your customer meetings for online or on-site situations
  • Understand the power of first impressions
  • Build rapport from the start
  • Create trust
  • Ask the right questions
  • Listen of a deeper level
  • Talk value more than features
  • Get commitments from your client
  • Spot the difference between outstanding- and mediocre customer service


  • Group sessions and individual coaching
  • Online and/or on-site

Side note: Antoni also trains non-salespeople (product managers, technical sales support, marketing managers, assistants etc.) in how to build business from a booth at a trade show. Most of the content above can be applied.

Online, On-site or Hybrid

Effective Meetings

Run engaging meetings and workshops

There are too many bad meetings out there, sucking the energy from unwilling participants. Half of all meetings lack a clear goal and purpose. A third are being called for no good reason. Managers spend 50-80% of their time in meetings. It is time to ramp up the competence and make meetings both engaging and efficient!

Take this training to heart and get tips on how to:

  • Nail down a clear goal and purpose
  • Design a dynamic agenda
  • Involve and engage participants
  • Establish a great meeting behavior before, during and after the meeting
  • Use 15 concrete tips for digital meetings
  • Use Ice breakers and energizers
  • Handle difficult people
  • Use models, methods and creative tools when facilitating workshops
  • Summarize, reflect and create a great feedback culture


  • Group sessions and individual coaching
  • Online and/or on-site
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