The Power of Communication in Life-Serious Situations


I was held at gunpoint…

I was 24 years old
2 am a warm summer night
Walking home from a night of partying

The streets were empty apart from two young men

“HEY YOU!” one said. “You got a cigarette?”
“Then give me your wallet,” the other said
“Are you sure about that?” a gun in his hand

I gave them my wallet. I looked away for a while and then back. They handed my wallet back to me.

“Why?” I asked
“Because you had such good answers to our questions.”

After I came back home I asked myself…
What just happened?

Communication can be a matter of life and death. Sometimes with only a single word like Yes, or No.

Team Antoni Explains

Antoni Lacinai’s recounting of the incident conveys a powerful message about the significance of communication in critical situations. The narrative captures a moment of potential danger and decision-making, highlighting the impact of the words chosen.

The speaker sets the scene by establishing the time and atmosphere, emphasizing the vulnerability of being alone on empty streets at 2 am after a night of partying. The encounter with the two young men escalates when they demand a cigarette and then insist on the speaker giving them their wallet.

The speaker’s refusal to comply with the demand for the wallet shows a certain resilience or defiance in the face of a threat. The tension builds as the other person reveals a gun, escalating the situation to a life-threatening level. Despite the danger, the speaker maintains their refusal.

Surprisingly, the perpetrators return the wallet, explaining that it was due to the speaker’s “good answers to our questions.” This unexpected turn of events raises questions about the motivations and thought processes of the individuals involved. It suggests that the way the speaker responded verbally influenced the outcome of the situation.

The reflection at the end underscores the broader theme: the profound impact of communication in moments of crisis.

The story serves as a reminder that the choice of words, even in brief and intense interactions, can have life-altering consequences. The simplicity of “Yes” or “No” in this instance played a crucial role in determining the outcome of a potentially life-threatening situation.

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