Leadership communication

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Your get the team you de-SERVE

Communicate as a leader

Out of 55 criteria of employee engagement, 37 is due to the closest managers behavior You matter! You influence more people and the way you communicate will make a bigger impact than most of your team members. Great communication leads to higher motivation, performance and ultimately a better result. As a leader you want to communicate with high energy, empathy and clarity, both online and on-site. The latter is even harder. Antoni has to date asked almost a thousand managers of the challenges with virtual leadership

In Antoni’s keynote, you will get selected insights on:

  • Why it matters that everything about you communicates
  • Why Empathy is a game changer or show-stopper
  • How Energy and Clarity affect engagement
  • Why a focus on only efficiency will backfire
  • The 7 E’s of executive excellence
  • The challenges with virtual leadership
  • The three levels of listening
  • How to have brave conversations.
  • How you can lead effective meetings, analog or digital.
  • How to agree on high performing, meaningful goals, and increase motivation
Suitable for a main stage performance. Target audience are informal and formal leaders, and line managers