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The "Green-Light" Communication Expert

Get yourself a Green-light culture!

Too many leaders and teams struggle with too low engagement, too many misunderstandings, and too low output. They have a “read-light” culture. It is energy-draining and the opposite of fun. 

Antoni Lacinai inspires and coaches conscious leaders and teams around the world who strive for a collaborative, engaging, and motivating workplace.

With his keynotes and coaching, he can help you transform toward, and elevate, your “green-light” thinking and communication, making you more successful, profitable, and productive, while you are having more fun.


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Keynote topics

Employee engagement

Leadership communication

World Class customer meetings

Hybrid leadership

Set goals! Get goals! Have fun!

Antoni Lacinai


Assess your team’s focus and engagement

The purpose of this is to understand how you can grow and develop in a positive direction so that you can make good decisions together, perform well, and become a world class team/organization. Aim towards a “Green-Light” state of mind and experience world-class communication and cooperation.


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