Tailor-made keynotes for you



motivation & communication

Below you will find the 5 keynotes I give – with the same core and goal: To build relationships, get along, and work toward the same goals. To engage, lead, collaborate, and serve. To go from a red-light thinking to a green-light collaboration.

If you want to do good for your people, clients, and the planet,  I will help you.

Elevate Your Employee Engagement

The more engaged your employees are, the better they will perform. Simple as that. Positive interactions, positive feedback and positive attitudes toward each other will bring better results. The opposite is also true: bitter employees will wreck all your good intentions, and all you need is one bad apple to ruin productivity for the whole team. The problem is that we don’t analyze what motivational focus our team has, which has a direct impact on the level of engagement.

Do you know the hidden reason for drives your team’s employee engagement?

Communicate as a Leader

You get the team you deSERVE

Leadership is influence. Influence is power. How you use that power will determine your personal success, your business success, and even your legacy. Master the three pillars of great communication – Energy, Empathy, and Clarity – and you will be a better leader. In times of change and uncertainties, it is more important than ever. 

Do you know how to elevate your leadership communication?

World-class customer meetings

You get the customers you deSERVE

Building trust and giving excellent customer experience have never been more important. Still, many companies fail. Go to a trade show and see how the stand staff behaves. Go to a retail store or a hotel and see how the staff act. Contact a customer service department and complain about something. Very soon you will find out if this is a great customer centric business or if there is a no-can-do, low-ceiling company culture. 

Elevate your

Set goals!

Get goals! Have fun!

Goal psychology reveals that if you set a proper goal you will increase your performance by 15-30%. That is a lot! But what is a proper goal and how come so many people are afraid of goals, tired of goals or simply confused by what a goal really is?

Hybrid leadership

and hybrid workplaces

We are not going back to anything. We are going forward. Hybrid workplaces are here to stay and most organizations realize that if they must force people back to the office, something is deeply wrong. Hybrid workplaces can give you the best of two worlds – if you do it right.