World Class Customer Meetings

Possible titles:

World class customer meetings

You get the customers you de-SERVE

How to meet, greet and treat your customers

In a famous IBM study, 80% of the companies claimed that
they had a better customer service than average. Only 8% of
their customers agreed… 

Building trust and giving excellent customer experience have
never been more important. Still, many companies fail. Go to
a trade show and see how the stand staff behaves. Go to a
retail store or a hotel and see how the staff act. Contact a
customer service department and complain about something.
Very soon you will find out if this is a great customer centric
business or if there is a no-can-do, low-ceiling company

This keynote can be tailored to salespeople, marketing, managers, trade show
personnel, retail stores personnel and customer service

In Antoni’s keynote, you will get insights on: 

• Why bad customer service is a sign of bad leadership

• The power if first impressions

• A uniquely simple customer conversation formula when speaking to customers.

• 20 Communication insights and tips for better customer communication.

• The three ways to build rapport with a client

• The three levels of listening.

• Why sympathy is bad, and empathy is good.

• Why you should talk value instead of features

• How to get a commitment from a client

• How you keep things simple, not stupid

• Why PowerPoint is a real downer

• Why you end up with only two kind of customers if
you give awesome – or really bad – service.

This can be a main stage keynote or a breakout session. The audience can be sales reps, customer service, booth personell at a trade show, or leaders with customer interactionMarketing,