Do you hire people based on where they live or what they know?

I can’t help it. I am surprised.

So many open positions are being posted here on LinkedIn (which is awesome for both employers and potential employees). Sometimes I see these posts and start to think of who in my network I would recommend. But then I see that they HAVE TO live in that specific town in order to be considered… and so I stop reading.

If there is one thing we should have realized by now, it’s that WE CAN GET THINGS DONE REGARDLESS OF WHERE WE LIVE. You can get the best person for the job where ever they are . The technology is here!

I am not talking about an assembly worker on a factory floor, a plumber who needs to operate in a specific building, or a ER-nurse that needs to be in the hospital. I am talking about office workers, where you have the huge potential of hiring the best fit, not based on where they live, but based on what they know and what they can add to a team.

From a leadership communication perspective it baffles me that we haven’t come further.

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