Hybrid Leadership Training Program

Hybrid workplaces has the potential to bring the best from both worlds (on-site and online), but only if the leadership can handle the new challenges and create an engaged and flexible team.

Below you will find the possible formats and suggestions of content. Contact me if you want to discuss a program for your team, or if you want individual coaching.

Alternative formats:

  • 3-6 modules in a live on-line program. 5-30 participants.
  • 1-3 days on-site with 6-8 participants.
  • 3-6 mastermind sessions. 5-10 participants.
  • Add individual coaching for tailored coaching.
  • Add weekly email-tips for more insights


  • The 6 challenges you face
  • Your team’s motivational mindset
  • How to present in hybrid settings
  • How to lead hybrid meetings
  • How to use digital collaboration tools
  • How to involve more than you inform
  • Setting goals, boosting motivation and foster self-leadership
  • Working with feedback and reflections to improve