Goal setting, motivation & self-leadership

In this training you will learn how to set goals that will increase your (and your team’s) performance by 15-30%. You will get a simple, effective motivation formula and be able to identify what’s holding you back. You will get several motivation boosters as well as the key ingredients for great self-leadership.

Below you will find the possible formats and suggestions of content. Contact me if you want to discuss a program for your team, or if you want individual coaching.

Alternative formats:

  • 5-10 modules in a live on-line program, spanning from 5-12 months. 5-30 participants
  • 2-3 days on-site with 6-30 participants.
  • Add individual coaching for tailored coaching.
  • Add weekly email-tips for more insights


  • Why goal-setting matters
  • Why so many people hate goals, fear goals and are confused by goals
  • Why SMART goals are stupid and HAPPY goals are better
  • Overcoming internal and external resistance
  • The three needs we all want to fulfill
  • 10 motivational boosters that make you perform
  • Why Self-leadership is needed and how to master it.
  • How to lead self-motivation people
  • How to lead non-self-motivating people