Effective meetings

We spend an enormous amount of time in meetings. As a non-manager, about 30%. As a manager, around 50-80%. The problem is that many meetings are bad. They lack a clear goal. They seem pointless. They have no clear structure, and they are not very involving. Still, we need to meet. We produce thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and strategies in meetings. We cooperate and coordinate. So, let’s do them well!

Below you will find the possible formats and suggestions of content. Contact me if you want to discuss a program for your team, or if you want individual coaching.

Alternative formats:

  • 5-10 modules in a live on-line program, spanning from 5-12 months. 5-30 participants
  • 2-3 days on-site with 6-30 participants.

  • Add individual coaching for tailored coaching.
  • Add weekly email-tips for more insights


  • The eye-opening facts on bad meetings
  • Using the E=ExE formula for better effect
  • Clarifying the goal and purpose
  • How to agree on meeting behaviors
  • Using descriptive names on meetings
  • How to involve instead of informing
  • Why you should divide the meeting into an off-line part and a live part.
  • Ice breakers and energizers
  • Handling difficult behavior
  • Getting decisions
  • Feedbacking the meetings
  • Using specific techniques for virtual and hybrid meetings