Virtual leadership. Interview with Matt Smith

Matthew Smith, global marketing director at Ericsson, shares his views on how to lead remote teams. Invest a half hour and listen to his experiences.  

About Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith” is a great boss who has an inspiring leadership style. He always makes everyone who works for him or has ever worked for him feel appreciated and valued, which is remarkable. The amount of care he puts into ensuring that people working for him have the opportunity to develop and achieve their professional goals is something I’ve admired since the beginning.

Matt is a capable leader who creates highly efficient and empowered teams. He has a strategic mind with a keen understanding of business and focuses on results, as well as a sensible, mature, and honest approach to doing business and developing his relationships.

He has a deep enthusiasm for innovation, and he has the ambition to help for company flourish. He is committed, creative, hard-working, and down-to-earth.

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