Spraying people with positive feelings

My wife and I strolled down the Avenue in the sunshine in Gothenburg, Sweden. We went into a shoe store because my wife wanted to buy a pair of white sneakers. She found a pair she liked, and we went to the checkout to pay. My wife asked the cashier if the shoes needed to be impregnated.

“Yes, I would recommend it. Do so before using them for the first time. ”she replied.
“Do you have any spray?” I asked.
“Only for sale!” the cashier said in a sour voice
“Yeah,” I said. We already had three bottles at home and did not feel that we wanted to buy another one.

We went out into the sun.
“Imagine if they could open a bottle and offer a spray to all customers new shoes” I said.
“Yes, what a great experience it would be,” said my wife.
“But how strange that no shoe store is doing that?”

Isn’t that weird? Think how easy it would have been to create a great experience. Something you talk about to your friends. Imagine what a positive feeling you would spread. Imagine the upsell?

But if we forget about the shoe store and think bigger: How can you create a pleasant atmosphere among colleagues in your workplace and create more engagement? How can you make your customers even happier when you meet? What is your spray bottle? Could it be time to talk about this in your next meeting? I believe that with simple means you can create lots of positive surprises and good energy if you just try.

Thank you for reading my mind

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