Rudeness at work is not good for employee engagement. Not good at all!

Rudeness at work means that:

48% put less effort into their work

47% will work less hours

38% will deliberately lessen the quality

80% lose time worrying

63% lost time avoiding the rude dude

78% has a decreased engagement

66% feel that their performance is lower

12 % quit their job

25% take their frustration out on their customers

People will have a:

17% decrease in their working memory

86% lower performance

38% fewer creative solutions

43% more calculation errors

I got these numbers from the Swedish chamber of commerce, where they posted an interview with research scientist Dan Hasson. Add to this that about 2/3 of an employee engagement is directly dependent on their closest manager’s behavior…

Just think about the effects of being kind, empathic, respectful, positive instead.

Have you experienced rudeness at work?

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