The Power of Introduction: Elevating Your Professional Speaking


The way you are introduced can make a big difference.

And you don’t have to be a professional speaker to benefit.

I was curious and a bit nervous when I arrived at the venue in Tirana, Albania. A professional moderator reaches out in advance. But not this time…

I had no idea how they would introduce me. What were Gerti Boshnjaku and Darko Buldioski thinking?

I waited for my turn to speak and then I saw it: They had a voice-over and used 3-4 AI-generated pictures that they morphed.

It was incredibly cool! The picture you see below is one of them.

If you are not that lucky then here are three tips for you:

  • Contact the organizer
  • Please don’t give them a long bio.
  • Write an attention-grabbing intro and share it.

It could be the perfect way to strengthen your brand and story. Or like my good friend Kjell Dahlin says: “Storytelling is not what you say to the client, but what the client says about you”

PS – this brings clarity to your personal brand too.

Team Antoni Explains

Antoni Lacinai‘s message revolves around the idea that how you are introduced at an event can significantly impact how your message is received and your brand.

Let’s break down the key points:

The Importance of Introduction:

Lacinai stresses that the introduction sets the tone for your presentation. It can capture the audience’s attention, create anticipation, and make your message more memorable. The introduction is a crucial moment where the audience forms their initial impression of you.

Surprise Element:

Lacinai shares his experience of arriving at an event in Tirana, Albania, where he had no advance communication with a professional moderator.

However, he was pleasantly surprised by the organizers’ innovative approach—a voice-over accompanied by AI-generated pictures. This unexpected and creative introduction left a positive impression on him and the audience.

Tips for a Memorable Introduction:

some of ther tips for you.

Contact the Organizer:

Lacinai recommends contacting the event organizer in advance. This proactive communication allows you to discuss and suggest a unique introduction that aligns with your message and style.

Keep the Bio Short:

Instead of providing a lengthy biography, Lacinai advises keeping it short and impactful. Focus on key points that are relevant to the audience and the event.

Craft an Attention-Grabbing Intro:

Take the initiative to write your own introduction, ensuring it tells a compelling story and grabs the audience’s attention. By doing so, you have more control over how you are introduced.

Building Your Personal Brand:

Lacinai ties these tips to the concept of personal branding. A well-thought-out introduction contributes to building a strong and positive personal brand. It’s not just about what you say; it’s also about the perception the audience forms based on the introduction and how they talk about you.

Quoting Kjell Dahlin:

Lacinai shares a quote from his friend Kjell Dahlin, emphasizing that storytelling in this context isn’t just about what you convey to the audience but also about the impression you leave them with. It’s about shaping the narrative around your brand.

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