Is it more important to BELONG than to BE RIGHT?

By Antoni

I am looking into tribal psychology and I am fascinated by this question. It seems to be true. Our need to belong is so strong that we sometimes foresake the objective truths. You have communities who believes that the world is flat, that the holocaust or the moon landing never happened, that a certain god exist and not another, and so on.

We do need a sense of community. It’s in our mental DNA, for pure survival purposes. Just look at the phenomena of Group Think where you aren’t allowed to express any different aspects. That’s how you get a cult with no critical thinking…

But when do we stop and say: “This is clearly wrong. I hereby change my mind!”

I remember when I was employed in a huge company. We had an endless string of meetings with no clear goals. Finally I call the culture out and asked “What is the purpose and goal with this meeting? Why am I invited?” Not always popular since many colleagues didn’t know what to answer…

I remember how my sales manager in a previous job made eveyone believe in a new way of categorizing customers. I stood my ground and explained why this was a bad idea, and finally they all changed their mind too (not sure if my idea was better, in heinsight…)

You have to be very naive or very brave to go against the stream. I was probably just naive.
But then again: Only dead fish follow the stream ^_^

What are your thoughts on this? Can we have a strong community, while still being open and brave without risking to be expelled? What kind of leadership is required?

Team Antoni Explains

We’ll delve into a thought-provoking question: Is it more important to belong to a group than to be right about something? This question is at the heart of human psychology and our need for community. We’ll explore this idea and discuss how we can strike a balance between belonging and thinking critically within a group.

The Importance of Belonging

We all have a deep need to belong to a community. It’s a part of who we are as humans and has been essential for our survival throughout history. Being a part of a group provides us with support, identity, and a sense of security. But sometimes, this need to belong can lead us to accept things that might not be entirely true.

The Problem with Groupthink

Groupthink is a term that describes what happens when people in a group start thinking alike without questioning ideas. This can be a problem because it can lead to the group believing things that aren’t true or making poor decisions.

When Should We Speak Up?

Antoni Lacinai shares personal stories where he questioned things in his workplace. He asked why meetings had no clear goals and challenged a new way of categorizing customers. These stories show us that it’s important to maintain our individuality and think critically even when we’re a part of a group.

Balancing Belonging and Critical Thinking

The big question raised here is when should we say, “I think this is wrong, and I’m changing my mind.” Striking a balance between belonging to a group and thinking for ourselves is essential. We should feel free to express our own opinions without fearing rejection from the group.

The Role of Leadership

Leadership plays a vital role in creating a healthy balance between belonging and critical thinking within a community. Good leaders encourage diversity of thought, create a safe space for different opinions, and promote a culture of thinking for ourselves.


The question of belonging versus being right is a complex one, deeply rooted in human nature. It’s crucial to find a balance between fitting in and thinking critically, both for our personal growth and for the betterment of the groups we belong to. By nurturing this balance, we can create stronger and more vibrant communities and organizations.

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