How to Become a Podcast Guest? Insights from Keynote Speaker

By Antoni

“Antoni, I see that you are on many podcasts. How do you get to be a guest at them?”

I get this question from people in my network. My answer

1. Podcast hosts ask me. They might have watched my TEDx, seen a keynote, or found me here on LinkedIn.

2. I use which is an easy-to-use site acting as a matchmaker. Very straight-forward.

There’s no magic involved. Just these two ways. And I love being a guest on different podcasts.

How about you? Are you more into consuming insights or producing insights? Both are needed in this eco system.

Team Antoni Explains

Have you ever wondered how people end up as guests on podcasts? If you’re curious, you’re not alone! Antoni Lacinai, a renowned keynote speaker and author of 14 books, often gets asked about his podcast appearances. Today, let’s uncover his secrets and learn how he becomes a sought-after podcast guest.

Getting the Inside Scoop: Antoni’s Podcast Guest Journey

Antoni Lacinai is no stranger to the podcast scene. His insights on workplace communication, leadership, customer focus, and employee engagement have made him a sought-after figure for podcast hosts. Here’s how he gets those invitations:

When Podcast Hosts Reach Out

Sometimes, podcast hosts approach Antoni directly to be a guest on their show. They might have come across his TEDx talks, seen him as a keynote speaker, or even discovered him right here on LinkedIn. His reputation as an expert in his field makes him a natural choice for podcast interviews.


Antoni also spills the beans on a little secret weapon: This nifty platform acts as a matchmaker, connecting podcast hosts with potential guests. Antoni finds this site incredibly user-friendly. It simplifies the process of finding podcast opportunities, making it a valuable resource in his podcast guest journey.

No Magic, Just Two Paths

The intriguing part? There’s no magic trick involved. Antoni’s podcast guest strategy revolves around these two straightforward methods. And guess what? He thoroughly enjoys the experience of being a guest on various podcasts, sharing his wisdom with different audiences.

Are You a Consumer or Producer of Insights?

Antoni’s question isn’t just a throwaway line – it’s a thought-provoking inquiry into your role in the information ecosystem. Are you someone who consumes insights, soaking in the knowledge others provide? Or do you play the role of a producer, contributing your own valuable insights to the world? Antoni reminds us that both roles are crucial for a balanced information exchange.

Conclusion: Diving into the Podcast Guest World with Antoni Lacinai

As a team member of Antoni Lacinai’s crew, it’s clear that the journey to becoming a podcast guest is a blend of recognition, networking, and leveraging online resources like Antoni’s journey serves as an inspiration for anyone interested in sharing their expertise on various podcast platforms.

So, are you ready to take on the podcast world? Whether you’re driven by curiosity or a burning desire to share insights, remember that the podcast ecosystem thrives on both types of contributors. It’s time to find your unique role in this exciting exchange of knowledge.

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