Finally! Biden’s best speech so far

I have been analyzing Joe Biden’s communication skills for some time and have not been impressed. He has been incoherent, almost whiny and at the same time tried to be more energetic without any success. Not a great combination. But now, when he gave his acceptance speech, it all came together. Here are some techniques he mastered in his speech:

– Good EYE CONTACT with the camera. An intensity that was under control.
– Excellent VARIATION of the volume. Sometimes he was perceived as having a conversation with the listener.
– No non-words (eee, aaa) and good PAUSES. Not like the master Obama, but still.

– He used REPETITION on several occasions and created a nice rhythm. Give, hope, too much and so on.
– He worked with POLARITIES. Hope instead of fear, facts instead of fiction, fairness instead of privilege
– He showed great EMPATHY when he talked about those whose who lost relatives lives in the pandemic.
– He did NOT mention Trump by name but referred to “the current president” or “this president.” A clear improvement from before.
– He hammered in FACTS. 50 million unemployed. 170,000 dead. 10 million without health care etc.

There is more to say but I will stay there. Feel free to look for yourself. Even Fox News praised his performance!

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