Mastering Effective Meetings

By Antoni

This morning, I am training some 35 leaders in Finland on how to lead engaging and effective meetings. It’s interesting that so few managers have even an hour of training in this.

We have all been in boring, unengaging meetings. Yet we keep doing it the same way. That’s why appr half of all meetings are so ineffective that we would be better off without them.

It makes me happy to meet motivated people who want to improve and grow their competence, for the benefit of their teams and the whole organization.

If you want practical, useful tips; get in touch with me and we’ll explore how to elevate your own meetings.

Team Antoni Explains

Antoni Lacani, a seasoned expert in leadership and meeting effectiveness, is currently in Finland to guide and train 35 leaders on the art of conducting engaging and fruitful meetings.

In this endeavor, Lacani emphasizes the surprising lack of training most managers have received in conducting effective meetings, often limited to merely an hour or even less.

He underscores the need to revamp the conventional approach to meetings, citing their frequent lack of engagement and effectiveness, ultimately advocating for meaningful change in how we conduct them.

Recognizing Ineffective Meetings

In the professional world, many of us have experienced tedious and unproductive meetings. Despite this common issue, the traditional format of meetings remains largely unchanged.

Lacani points out that approximately half of all meetings are so ineffective that they end up being counterproductive, wasting valuable time and resources.

This alarming statistic highlights the pressing need for a shift in how meetings are structured and executed.

Lacani’s Pleasure in Training

Antoni Lacani finds immense satisfaction in training and interacting with eager individuals who are motivated to enhance their abilities.

He commends those who seek to improve and expand their competencies, recognizing the immense potential for organizational growth when leaders are proactive in refining their meeting skills.

Lacani’s enthusiasm stems from his belief that by bettering their meeting practices, leaders can positively impact their teams and the organization as a whole.

Lacani’s Offer of Practical Tips

In line with his passion for helping professionals master effective meetings, Antoni Lacani extends an invitation to anyone seeking practical and useful tips.

He encourages individuals to reach out to him, expressing a willingness to collaborate and explore strategies that can elevate their meetings.

Lacani’s proactive approach underscores his commitment to sharing his expertise and empowering leaders to drive meaningful change within their organizations.

Antoni Lacani’s Vision for Effective Meetings

Antoni Lacani’s mission in Finland to train leaders in conducting engaging and effective meetings reflects his dedication to transforming the way organizations approach this essential aspect of business.

By challenging conventional norms and recognizing the prevalence of ineffective meetings, Lacani aims to empower leaders to elevate their meeting practices.

Through proactive training and the sharing of practical tips, he envisions a future where meetings are a driving force for success, benefiting both teams and the broader organization.

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