Antoni Lacinai’s Call for Unity and Collaboration

Antoni Lacinai

Friday thought:
The bigger “𝗨𝗦” the smaller “them”

Feeling left out hurts.
We get stressed and anxious
We get a “red-light” mindset, blocking our thinking

The more we include, the better we feel
We get a greenlight mindset, a greenlight culture
and a greenlight communication

Skip the
“We in production and those morons in construction”
“We in R&D and the idiots in sales and marketing”
“We managers and the herd we manage”

I think so. Do you?

By Team Antoni Explains

Antoni Lacinai’s “Friday Thought” appears to convey a message about inclusivity and its positive impact on both individuals and organizations. Let’s break it down:

The bigger “𝗨𝗦” the smaller “them”:

This statement suggests that when the concept of “us” (unity, inclusivity) is emphasized, the perception of “them” (those outside of our immediate group or perspective) diminishes in significance. In other words, focusing on a collective identity (us) reduces the significance of perceived differences or divisions (them).

Feeling left out hurts. We get stressed and anxious:

Lacinai highlights the negative emotional impact of exclusion or feeling marginalized. This can lead to stress and anxiety, affecting individuals’ well-being and potentially their performance in various aspects of life.

We get a “red-light” mindset, blocking our thinking:

Experiencing exclusion or feeling marginalized can trigger a defensive or negative mindset, symbolized here as a “red-light” mindset. This mindset can inhibit clear thinking and problem-solving abilities.

The more we include, the better we feel:

In contrast, inclusivity leads to positive emotions and a sense of belonging. When individuals feel included and valued, they are likely to experience improved well-being and satisfaction.

We get a greenlight mindset, a greenlight culture, and a greenlight communication:

Inclusivity fosters a positive environment characterized by openness, collaboration, and effective communication, symbolized here as a “greenlight” mindset, culture, and communication style. Greenlight represents progress, positivity, and acceptance.

Skip the divisive language:

Lacinai advocates against using divisive language that emphasizes separation or superiority between different groups within an organization. Examples given include derogatory references such as “morons,” “idiots,” or “herd,” which can perpetuate a culture of exclusion and hinder collaboration.

Closing question:

Lacinai concludes by posing a rhetorical question, inviting reflection and agreement with the idea of promoting inclusivity within teams and organizations.

Overall, Lacinai’s message emphasizes the importance of inclusivity in fostering a positive work culture and improving individual and collective well-being. It encourages embracing diversity and collaboration while discouraging language and attitudes that reinforce division or hierarchy.

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