3 kinds of goals. Which one do you focus on?

Michael Jordan missed more shots that most NBA players scored! Think about that for a second.

When I checked how many of the 27 different goals, activities (and some wishful thinking) I reached for 2020, the answer was 11…

Am I a failure then? Not in my book. Because with those 11, plus some nearly reached goals, plus some real wins that was never on my list since things change (2020 more than ever), I came out of last year stronger than when I started it.

So what is the lesson? For me, setting goals are done on three levels:

1. IDENTITY goals, i.e. WHO do you want to be? What’s important for you? What purpose are you aiming to fulfill?
2. RESULT goals i.e. WHAT turn-over, margins, market share, number of new customers, number of articles your are featured in etc. have you set up as an objective?
3. PERFORMANCE goals i.e HOW will you get to the wanted results and the wanted identity?

Identity goals are the most important ones. They are long lasting and determines your quality of life. Result goals can be motivating sometimes, and they are good for cost calculations, but they are outside of your control. Performance goals are within your control and adaptable. It’s about taking those shots.

Which ones does your company focus on?

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