10 tips for a great online panel discussion

Moderating a panel discussion can be really fun, especially if you and the panelists are well prepared and you create a good atmoshpere.

Here are my top 10 tips for you who will be a part of a panel discussion as an MC or a panelist

  1. Find out and inform whether this is a debate or a discussion (MC & panelist)
  2. Create a number of short and memorable one-liners (panelist) or quotes
  3. Read/study/know the topic in general (MC) and in depth (panelist)
  4. Figure out what you want to know from the audience (MC & panelist). Ask them to engage over the chat and/or Q&A
  5. Be active. Engage without waiting for a specific question to you (panelist)
  6. Spread the word so that everyone is talking, not only an extrovert man (MC)
  7. Connect with the panelist before (MC) to understand what they will bring to the panel
  8. Make sure you have the right tech in place. Stable broadband, good lighting, good microphone and camera. (MC and panelists)
  9. Look at the camera lens (MC & panelist) and address people by name when asking a question (MC)
  10. Bring in audience questions. Let them be involved as much as possible, but always check that the questions are relevant. You can screen and filter them. (MC or co-host)

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