MC & Coaching.


You can have one bad speaker at your event without ruining it, but you can’t have a bad moderator. Antoni is an MC expert who have lead conferences, seminars, panel discussion etc. all over the world.

When you hire Antoni Lacinai, you will get a highly competent MC who will:

  • Always do lots of research
  • Create a positive atmosphere
  • Be quick on his feet
  • Ask the right questions to the speakers
  • Keep the time


When you want your team to have the same view or come up with new thoughts on core values, strategies and goals, or create new outside-the-box ideas, a workshop will help you get there. Antoni has designed and lead different workshops for about 20 years as part of his core competence. Some if the workshops are digital, some are pure analog.

Topics could be things like:

  • What’s the gap between where we are and where we want to be?
  • How can we create 200 new ideas on a dilemma or challenge we have?
  • How can we together improve our company culture?
  • What scenarios can we foresee. Which one do we want to turn into reality?

Up your game – and your results

Getting training and coaching takes you beyond a short burst of inspiration. Antoni will elevate your knowledge and ultimately your competence helping you be a better leader, team member, sales rep etc.

Be the virtual leader your team needs

  • Understand the pros and cons of virtual communication and virtual leadership
  • Support, engage and involve remote teams
  • Set goals and boost motivation
  • Run effective digital meetings
  • Create a culture of self-leadership


  • Group sessions  and individual coaching
  • Online

Give engaging presentations - Every time

  • Set your goal and purpose
  • Define your main audience
  • Prepare your content and structure
  • Use 25 different memory hooks
  • Deliver with energy, empathy and clarity
  • Use visuals and props to your advantage
  • Use storytelling in your presentations
  • Strengthen your message with a compelling body language
  • Create interest with a dynamic voice


  • Group sessions and/or individual coaching
  • Online and/or on-site

Customer meetings that matters

  • Prepare your customer meeting
  • Understand the power of first impressions
  • Build rapport from the start
  • Create trust
  • Ask the right questions
  • Listen of a deeper level
  • Talk value more than features
  • Get commitments from your client
  • Learn how to do this at a trade show as well


  • Group sessions and individual coaching
  • Online and/or on-site

Run effective meetings and workshops

  • Nail down a clear goal and purpose
  • Design a dynamic agenda
  • Involve and engage participants
  • Establish a great meeting behavior before, during and after the meeting
  • Use 15 concrete tips for different digital meetings
  • Use Ice breakers and energizers
  • Handle difficult people
  • Use models, methods and creative tools
  • Summarize and create a feedback culture


  • Group sessions and individual coaching
  • Online and/or on-site