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Employee engagement - 20 keys to outstanding workplace communication

Nominated in Sweden 2020 as the Marketing book of the year. The HR-book of the year and the Project Management book of the year

Hi! This is your free gift: 20 insights on successful workplace communication. If you want to talk to me about the book, or if you are interested in booking me at one of your events, then get in touch with me via Thanks ^_^//Antoni

Can you really say exactly what you mean? Can you fully understand other people? Is there a link between how you treat your co-workers and how they will perform? Can you engage a client by telling stories, or do you kill the deal with too many boring slides? 

In this thought-provoking book, Antoni Lacinai has gathered 20 keys – insights, tips and tools – on how best to communicate in our workplace when we are leading people, selling to customers or collaborating with our peers. The thesis is simple: Great communication leads to higher engagement, which leads to better results.